Wanna get healthy? Get happy?

and have bucket loads of fun along the way?

Love Your Liver

So, the two organs that get the highest rating on the ick factor are probably the two that make you, your sexiest version of you.  The liver and the bowel.  Not something you want talk about on your first date, eh?   


Your lovely liver cleans all of the toxins out of your bod  and decides which nutrients get to stay for digestion.  So, not only does it remove

How I Lost 40 Pounds :: Part Two

I threw everything out.


I got rid of my tv, trashy magazines, depressing music, processed foods, and marched my microwave out the front door with a sign that said FREE with (it really works) underneath.  


I started eating a diet filled with raw – plant based foods, meditating, journaling and going for lots of walks in nature.


I turned my life upside down and this

How I lost 40 Pounds :: Part 1

I lost 40 pounds and gained my sanity by caring about my vibration.  Sounds kinda wonky, right?  But it totally works – stick with me.


Everything is energy  And all energy moves in waves of vibration.


Not only does every thing vibrate – Every person vibrates at a certain speed – and it can be measured.


This is where it gets fun.


When we bring something

Ladies and Gents… We are going for GLO – rious!

Infusing your system with a variety of leafy greens on a daily basis is a potent elixer of sexiness.  It will light up your skin, tighten up your ass-ets, and bring your swank to a whole new level.


Salads and sides are part of the daily dish.  But if you wanna take it up a notch there are two ways to do it: Green Juice and Smoothies.  Feeling

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Wanna get healthy? Get happy?

and have bucket loads of fun along the way?